In-warranty Repair

Your system will be repaired for free under the following terms:

  1. The system was purchased within the last year.
  2. No modifications outside of normal upgrades (RAM, hard drive, optical drive, etc).
  3. If there were any modifications, the modification did not cause the issue.
  4. If the issue is not related to software.

Shipping to us is the resposibility of the consumer. If Ciengi Technology Solutions will refund all shipping charges and repair the system.

If the repair takes more then three attempts (customer has sent the system to Ciengi Technology Solutions for repair regarding the EXACT same problem), other options will be considered, such as, but not limited to, replacement of system with a new system of equal value of the cost of the original system, refund of system cost to customer, etc.

If it is determined that the system issue is due to mishandling by the customer, the warranty is voided, then all repairs are handled as out of warranty and the customer will be contacted prior to the continuation of system repairs.

Out-of-warranty Repair

Out of warranty repairs are done under the following costs:

  • Customer pays all shipping, to and from, Ciengi Technology Solutions.
  • Customer agrees to pay $40.00 for the first hours of service.
  • Customer agrees to pay $20.00 for each additional hour after the first hour of service.
  • Customer agrees to pay for every part replaced during the repair.

All attempts will be made to solve the issue within the first hour of service.

Non-Ciengi Repair

Your system will be repaired under the same circumstances as an out of warranty repair.